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Our Technologies - Reliable and Economic
Together with our partners we provide Machines, Production Lines and Service:
  • Fiber Preparation Machines

  • Aerodynamic Webforming Lines

  • Card-Crosslapping-Webdrafting Lines

  • Direct - High-Speed Carding Lines

  • Cosmetic pad machines

  • Spunlace machines and lines

  • Single-, Double-Belt and Drum Ovens for Thermobonding and Drying

  • Flat Belt Presses for compression, smoothing and lamination

  • Coating and Laminating of Nonwovens

  • Process belts (Forming Wire, Patterning Wires, Drum Covers for Spunlace, Oven Wire)

  • Laser Cleaning Systems for Process belts

  • Refurbishing and Upgrades of nonwovens machines and lines

We provide High Quality Products designed by our Trusted & Proven Partners!

  • Installation & After Sales

  • Belt service

  • Machine upgrades 

  • Energy assessments

  • High Performance

  • Meltblown Materials on Melamine basis




  • Fiber Preparation 

  • Airlay and Carding 

  • Thermobonding & Drying

  • Belt Press

  • Powder Scattering

  • Cotton Pad Machines

  • Spunlace Machines & Lines

  • Process Belts

  • Laser Cleaning

  • High Performance

  • Meltblown Materials on Melamine basis



  • Bonino 1913
    carding machines


  • Siebfabrik

  • ACM Engineering

  • SLCR Lasertechnik

  • smartMELAMINE


  • News

  • Exhibitions


Who is HAAS Nonwovens Systems?

We are a team of experts for Thermobonding of Staple Fiber based on Nonwovens. Besides our longterm expertise we are dedicated to providing you a great full service around your purchase of our systems.


We specialize in Process Development and Technological Support for thermobonding processes. Furthermore we focus on machinery, production lines as well as service for selected suppliers.


Our mission is to supply and help to service and upkeep efficient and innovative technology at a good price-performance ratio.

We are HAAS Nonwovens Systems:

Christian Haas

Founder & Principal

With over 20 years professional experience as a textile engineer, I am specialiced on nonwovens manufacturing. My mission with HAAS Nonwoven Systems is to provide state of the art technology along with good after sales service. Furthermore I develop new solutions for the benefit of our customers and industry.

Firat Patburun

Technical Sales Manager

With over 10 years experience in the Nonwovens Industry I am taking care of parts, components and commodity sales. Thus I take care primarily of Siebfabrik belts, Nomaco Needle boards and smartMelamine Nonwovens. My past experience working for a large group making technical felts helps me understand needs both on the service side but also on the end product side.

Bill Steward

Service Technician

With a life long experience in building control cabinets, I do as electrical engineer the installing and servicing of nonwovens production lines. I am servicing equipment sold through Haas Nonwovens Systems, especially Bonino, Bombi, Siebfabrik and SLCR Lasercleaning.

Laura Haas

Accounting, Office Manager, Internal sales

As being focused on Accounting and Office Management, I as an economist do run the accounting and sales back office of Haas Nonwovens systems. Through my multi language background in German, English, Latvian and Russian I am the contact of our international clients. 

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