MD 1100 / MD 1300 / MD 1600 / MD 3100

Fully automatic machine for cutting and bags filling of cotton pads : 

  • Single, double or triple embossing machine 

  • Mirroring machine with high ergonomics 

  • Welding with anti-wrinkle system 

  • 56 Bags per minute guaranteed 

  • Energy recovery system  

Embossing Machines

A.C.M. Embossing machines are affordable and made with the most appropriate materials to ensure efficiency and reliability :

  • Useful width up to 1200mm 

  • Speed 0 – 100 meters per minute 

  • Customized drawings on demand 

  • Single, double or triple embossing 

  • Two side embossing 

Winding Machines

The fully automatic winder made by A.C.M. Engineering consists in a rewinder with two positions to rewind nonwoven fabric laps with the maximum diameter achievable of 1500 mm and the automatic download of the rolls; it is provided with edge trimming system, and high performance trim suction system. The machine is designed for easy opera-tion with high reliability and low maintenance. 

Spunlace Machines & Lines

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