Melamine Meltblown Nonwovens


One of the best priced acoustic and thermal insulating

materials for high-temperature applications.

  • Melamine-Meltblown combines the material immanent properties of Melamine with the specifics of a meltblown nonwoven with its extreme fine fibers.

  • Melamine-Meltblown is an inherent flame resistant material and does not burn, shrink, melt and drip. At decomposition emerging gasses are low in quantity and non-toxic.

  • Melamine-Meltblown has a high chemical and UV resistance.

  • Melamine-Meltblown has outstanding acoustic and thermal insulation properties; due to very fine fibers down to 0.5 μm.

  • Melamine-Meltblown can achieve today’s requirements with lower weight and is a lightweight and best priced material.

  • Melamine-Meltblown meets Oeko Tex Standard

  • 100 - Class 1 as well as the Formaldehyd requirements

  • according to VDA 275.

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