Carding & Airlay Lines

Fiber Preparation Machines

The Bonino portfolio of fiber preparation machines include:

  • Bale Openers from 1400mm to 4000mm width

  • Carding Willows

  • Pre-Openers, Fine Openers for all fiber types

  • Trim Openers

  • Blending Bins

  • Volumetric and Gravimetric Card or Airlay Feeding Systems 


The Bonino TURBO CARD can be configured to suit a great variety of products such as:

  • Automotive sound and heat insulation

  • filtration, garments, furniture materials

  • feminine hygiene and sanitary products

Works with synthetic fibers, natural fibers, fiberglass, and other special fibers

Carding Lines

BCNT CARD: With large cylinder diameters for difficult to open fibers

HP CARD: High Performance Card for virgin fibers

BOOSTER CARD: High Precision and High Performance Card

All cards available with different inlet-, transfer and outlet configurations to adjust to the respective needs in terms of fiber opening, fiber orientation, fiber loft as well as through put capacity.

Openable under casings, machine separability in sections for easy maintenance and cleaning.


High Performance Crosslappers with:

  • controlled web guiding throughout the process

  • Web control system (web profile control)

  • Available up to 7000mm and more

Web Drafters

To allow capacity increase on low product weights as well as improve MD strength after cross lapping.

  • with 5 or 7 individually driven 3-roll drafting groups

  • Adjustable draft ratio up to 1:3.5

  • Available up to 7000mm and more