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The BOMBI Thermobonding Oven, is a modular oven concept that can be sized to capacity, width and product needs. The following executions are available:

  • Double belt oven for high loft as well as high density products

  • Single belt ovens for high speed thermobonding (ADL, Topsheets, Filters)

  • Drum oven for Drying, Heatsetting and Thermobonding

Belt Press

BOMBI belt presses are well introduce to the market for densified nonwovens but also used for smoothing and lamination purposes.

  • Compression

  • Smoothing


BOMBI´s ability to manufacture and turn its own rolls allows the production of precision calenders. Calenders are available with heated or chilled rolls for the following purposes:

  • Heat Setting

  • Compression

  • Smoothing

  • Embossing

Chemical Bonding

BOMBI MECCANICA supplies chemical impregnation systems to go with its belt and drum dryers:

  • Foam impregnation foulard (padder)

  • Foulard for fullbath impregnation

  • Spraybonding systems, Spraycabins


Drying is possible on either single belt ovens or on drum dryers. The BOMBI Dryers are suitable for the following processes:

  • Drying of Spunlace wipes

  • Drying of Airlaids (complete spraybonding-, drying and curing lines)

  • Drying of chemical bonded materials (foam bonding, spray bonding, full bath impregnated)

  • Drying of Wetlaids

  • Energy Recovery Systems

Powder Scattering, Lamination

BOMBI MECCANICA supplies powder and granule scattering units to be used in:

  • Powder laminating lines (with calendars or double belt press)

  • Powder scattering into nonwovens as part of the web forming process

  • Granule scattering prior to belt pressing