BONINO1913 Carding Machines

Flexible systems for customized machines, the ability to produce small series and great willingness to adapt every machine to the customer’s needs: this is the base of the technology used and produced by Bonino.

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Bombi Meccanica

BOMBI Meccanica is specialist in Thermal Bonding and Drying of nonwovens. BOMBI can supply single machines but also turnkey thermal bonding & drying lines.

SIEBFABRIK Arthur Maurer GmbH & Co.KG

Siebfabrik, the German specialist for metallic and synthetic wire mesh belts provides solutions for the specific requirements of the nonwovens industry for every stage of the production process, from carding to spunlacing or drying and thermal bonding.

SCLR Lasertechnik

Besides the construction of lasers and integration of lasers in processing systems, the automation and construction of special systems are the core competencies of SLCR Lasertechnik.

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ACM Engineering

ACM is a well introduced company manufacturing Cosmetic (Cotton) Pads machines. ACM started to produce Spunlace machines and meanwhile has supplied several lines for both Cosmetic Pads and Wipes.

Melamine Nonwovens

Melamine-Meltblown is an inherent flame resistant material and does not burn, shrink, melt and drip. At decomposition emerging gasses are low in quantity and non-toxic.

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