Improved nonwovens through better fabric: forming, bonding and drying

When manufacturing nonwovens made of polypropylene, high-tech fibres, viscose and other natural fibres, Siebfabrik wire cloth, belts and covers open up new economic dimensions. Well-known machine- and nonwoven manufacturers of the nonwoven and glass fiber industry around the world use the Siebfabrik technology in the hydroentanglement, thermal- and chemical bonding, airlaid and wetlaid technology sectors. The cloth structure has a broad range of possibilities for additionally structuring the nonwoven surface.

Carding & Airlay

Carding & Airlay: single and multi-layer synthetic for web formation and transport.

Syntech 200-420
Belts for Carding & Airlay
Syntech 200-410
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Airlaid nonwoven: single and multi-layer synthetic for formation and bonding

Syntech 380-810
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Spun bond or Meltblown nonwovens: single and multi-layer synthetic for formation and bonding.

Syntech 200-450
Syntech 200-460
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Spunlace (Hydroentangling)

Compacting belts, pre-wetting belts, bonding belts, dewatering belts, diagonal nonmarking seam on very fine covers for bonding cylinders, patterning and aperturing specific marking fabrics, stainless-steel woven wire cloth for TAD dryers

Prewetting Syntech 240-310
Belts for presetting on spun lace lines
Entangling: Syntech 420-310
Entangling: Metech 400-310
Patterning: Syntech 095-110
Patterning: Metech 095-110
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Twisted cloth belts made of metal for flat-bed single or double belt ovens, magnetic or non-magnetic, plain metal or coated with anti adhesives.

Metech 045-10 TB-Teflon Coated
Metech 045-10 TB-Bronze_Stainless
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Stainless-steel cloth for TAD dryers, twisted cloth belts made of metal for flat-bed dryers

Metech 080-10 Drying_Teflon Coated
Metech 080-10 Drying_Stainless Steel
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Cylinder Moulds

Siebfabrik cylinder moulds and other components for the stock preparation, the paper or cellulose manufacturing industry, the fibre industry, for grinding mills and for waste paper recycling units. They are dimensioned for high speeds and forces and they work very dependable and economical.

cylinder mould F
cylinder mould-G
cylinder repair
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Patterning: Metech 095-110