Opening & Blending, Carding & Airlay 

New or used, sourced from various suppliers according to clients needs.

Ovens for Thermobonding and Drying

Together with Bombi Meccanica we are able to supply single ovens, dryers, impregnators but also complete Thermobonding Lines, belt presses including Cutting, Winding and Stacking Systems.

Laser Cleaning

Besides the construction of lasers and integration of lasers in processing systems, the automation and construction of special systems are the core competencies of SLCR Lasertechnik.

Process Belts (USA and Mexico)

Metallic and synthetic woven mesh belts for all nonwovens processes. Great technology from Germany to assure all process needs are met and uptime and reliability is high.

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Used Machines, Refurbishing, Upgrading, Control Systems

We offer you:

- upgrading of used nonwovens machines and lines

- new control systems to existing machines or lines

- used machines