Schott & Meissner Steam Oven (barely used)

Steam Oven, for phenolic resins, steam generator, barely used, as new, for immediate sale

Price upon request

Used FOR Carding Line

FOR Mini Card, Servo motor system and control cabinet renewed in 2018

Working width: 2500mm


Vibration Chute Hopper Feeder

Crosslapper 2500mm x 3500mm

Currently being refurbished. 

Addition of a second doffer is possible.

Price upon request

Automatex needle loom, 4000mm, used

YOC: between 1992-1996

2 boards from top

Needle board densitiy: 2 x 5.000 needles /


Needle board width: 250mm

Strokes: max. 1.200 Strokes/min

CBF: none

Price upon request

Winder for Geotextiles 6.5m wide

Two roll surface winder, 6500mm working width

Y.O.C. 2017, never used (stalled order)

Price upon request

Used 2N needle loom 4000mm wide

YOC: 1998/1999

o WW: 4000mm

o 2 boards from top

o Needel board densitiy: 2 x 3.500 needles

/ meter

o Needle board width: 300mm

o Strokes/min: max. 1.100 Strokes/min

o CBF: comes with a Batt feeding system

Price upon request

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Used: DILO Hyperpunch, 2500mm


  • Make: DILO 

  • Type: DI-LOOM OUG-I HVXL 25 

  • Y.O.C.: 2001 

  • Work width: 2.500 mm 

  • Needling: Twin punch: 1 board up, 1 board down 

  • Stroke: 60 mm 

  • Strokes: min. 1200rpm 

  • Horizontal stroke: 0-6 mm 

  • Needles: 2x 3536N/m 

  • Complete with: 

  • CBF Feeding system 

  • Exit system 

  • Complete with control system 

Price upon request

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Brand new: TecTex – Needle Loom / QP65

  • Type: QP64 

  • Working width: 6.500 mm 

  • Y.O.C. 2017 

  • Needling: two boards up and two boards down 

  • No. of needles: 4 x approx. 5.036 N/m 

  • Pattern: 1-W9-33-305-47-5036 

  • Stroke: 60 mm 

  • Strokes: max. 1.200 rpm 

  • Speed: up to 20 m/min 

  • Including: Controls system 

  • Including control system with Siemens S7 

Price upon request

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BOMBI Belt Press

Working width: 1200mm

3 Calenders

Total length:

Good for: web consolidation / densification, lamination

Heating: optional, electrical or gas

Delivery time: to be agreed upon

Price upon request

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