Airlay Line - only 4 years old!

3 Bematic bale openers
2 Bematic blenders
2 Bematic Bemablow fine openers, ww: 2.5 m
1 Bematic T-Max 350 airlay system, ww: 2.6 m
1 Bombi thermobonding oven, ww: 2.6 m, double belt, 3 burners, cooling section, calender
1 Bematic cross cutting machine, ww: 2.6 m
Up to 1 200 kg/h

Bombi Double Belt Press

Working width: 1200mm

Configuration: Heating section with hot oil plates and 2 calendars. Cooling section with chilled water plates and cold calender.

Available for immediate sale from show room.

Random Velour Line, 4500mm - needle looms also sold independently

​2. Thibeau card, Single doffer, can be converted to double doffer easily, Type CA ?. Was used mainly for light products, thats why  it was used as a single doffer card. Procduction arround 400 KG, with double doffer 800kg/h. 

3. Autefa crosslapper, Type CL 2002,  in 2500 mm ww, laying with 7.000 mm, y.o.c. 1998.

4. Fehrer finger feeding device, ww: 4600 mm, 1998

5. Fehrer needleloom NL 9S, y.o.c. 1998, ww:  4600 mm,  needling from top, 5.000 needles /mtr., 1200 rpm

6. Fehrer needleloom NL 9S, y.o.c. 1998, ww:  4600 mm,  needling from bottom, 6.000 needles /mtr., 1200 rpm

7. Fehrer needleloom NL 9S, y.o.c. 1998, ww:  4600 mm,  needling from top, 5.000 needles /mtr., 1200 rpm

8. Dilo RIB Velour needleloom Type VS 45, y.o.c. 1998, ww:  4500 mm,  needling from top, 2-3.000 needles /mtr., 1200 rpm

9. Dilo Velour needleloom Type DILOUR  45, y.o.c. 1998, ww:  4500 mm,  needling from top, 3-4.000 needles /mtr., 1200 rpm (SOLD)

10. Wumag kalander, y.o.c. 1998, ww: 4.500 mm, 2 smooth rollerm cooling roller

11. Accumulator 

Bale Press

Great machine to get rid of trim waste.

Y.O.C. 2010

Schott & Meissner Steam Oven

Working width: 2.500mm

Steam Oven, for phenolic resins, steam generator, barely used, as new, for immediate sale

Automatex Needle Loom, 4000mm

​YOC: between 1992-1996

2 boards from top

Needle board densitiy: 2 x 5.000 needles /


Needle board width: 250mm

Strokes: max. 1.200 Strokes/min

CBF: none

2N Needle Loom, 4000mm

OC: 1998/1999

o WW: 4000mm

o 2 boards from top

o Needel board densitiy: 2 x 3.500 needles

/ meter

o Needle board width: 300mm

o Strokes/min: max. 1.100 Strokes/min

o CBF: comes with a Batt feeding system

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